In Tibet  it is a traditional practice amongst Buddhists to liberate animals that are destined for
    slaughter or are in imminent danger. This practice is very precious because every single being no
    matter how small, values their life more than anything else. Even a worm wishes only to live and not
    to die. By saving beings one directly benefits them by giving them what is most precious, life.
    Those that save beings also receive immeasurable benefits by creating the Karma to enjoy a
    longer life and to be free of illness.

    Liberating animals is a common and vital practice for those who are sick or have heavy obstacles
    to their life.  Lama Zopa Rinpoche a prominent Lama in the Geluk sect of Tibetan Buddhism,
    known for his incredible compassion, has many positive things to say about the benefits of animal
    liberation.  Rinpoche says: “For the person who liberates animals, or whoever wants to dedicate
    the merit to those with life obstacles, this practice helps them to obtain long life.  Even if you
    don't expect it, the karma will cause you to have a long life".

SoJin is an important practice for todays world because their is so much wide spread harm being done to animals: Adz*om Rinpoche
says, every time he meets with us, that animals are no different than humans, otther than their primitive vocabulary they feel the same pain,
hurt and loss as we do. They get cold, lonely, scared and depressed just like we do... infact Rinpoche says there is nothing but a difference
in language that separates us in terms of the way we feel.
So it is important we understand this and speak for them and protect them. He is always asking that we do what we can to not eat them and
then if we can go one step further and try to save them thats even better.  His Holiness the Dalai Lama recently gave a private talk in
Washington DC, in which he mentioned his feelings regarding the treatment of animals. He mentioned during his talk that we have come to
the point today where
"we treat Chickens the same way we treat vegetables. We believe their only use is to be eaten." H.H. the Dalai
Lama has openly expressed his views and visions of a world where we not only treat animals with humane guidelines but work towards
valuing their lives in the same way we do our own.

We have put SoJin.org together to create a place for people to join in and benefit our planet and ourselves, by liberating animals.
This project has come about due the request of our teacher Adz*om Rinpoche and on behalf of the
DzogChen Nying Thig sangha.
Dharma centers that are connected to this sangha include:

Tara Mandala
Samden Ling
Dawn Mountain
Copper Mountain
Osel Thegchog Ling
Vajrayana Italy
SoJin is a Tibetan word for the practice of Giving Life.
Sog- means life and Jin- means to give.
What is Sojin?
Here is an interesting statement recently put out by the 17th Karmapa about our environment:


by the 17th
Karmapa, Ogyen Drodul Trinley Dorje

Restore forests: Natural regeneration is no longer sufficient as a strategy and we need to actively plant trees and reforest barren lands.

Protect wild habitat: One of the biggest threats to wildlife is habitat destruction. If there is no place for them to live, how can they survive?

Become well-informed: Become educated and well-informed about the issue of species loss and extinction. As Mahayana
Buddhists, we have a special duty to ensure that this Earth, and the many species with which we share it, are healthy as much and as long
as possible. We can still save two out of every three species on Earth and this must be our common Buddhist position.